Terms and Conditions

JUJUBA – THE ORANGE COMPANY, UNIPESSOAL LDA, a company registered under Portuguese law with the company number 515183385, with headquarters in Av. Brandão Vasconcelos, n.º 31-A, 2705-019, hereinafter “JUJUBA” is the owner of all contents and information contained in this website, and is also responsible for raising invoices and supplying of the products presented herein.

1. Use of the website

1.1 The use of the website, whether through simple browsing or through the establishment of a commercial relationship with JUJUBA, through the respective online store, confers the condition of User and implies full and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions included in these Terms and Conditions as well as other policies (namely, Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy) in force at any time when accessing the website.

1.2 The contractual proposal regarding the purchase and sale of the products commercialized by JUJUBA in the online store is directed only to persons who, according to their personal law, are of full legal age and, therefore, can be responsible/liable for the commitments resulting from the purchase and sale of the products commercialized by JUJUBA.

1.3 If the User does not agree, in whole or in part, with the present Terms and Conditions, he must not access the website or the functions and services associated with it, namely the online store. In particular, the execution of any purchase through the online store depends on the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, so that if the User does not accept them, the User may not make purchases through the same.

1.4. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User does so on his own behalf and/or on behalf of the organization he represents (if applicable).

1.5. The treatment of information of a personal nature within the scope of data protection is governed by JUJUBA’s Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy. The JUJUBA is the entity responsible for the processing of personal data.

1.6. JUJUBA, reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice, so the User should consult the Terms and Conditions before each use of the website and associated features and services, in particular, before each use of the online store.

1.7 Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, any changes to the Terms and Conditions after Order Confirmation shall not bind the User in relation to such order. In this case, the Terms and Conditions in force on the date of confirmation of each order will apply.

1.8. JUJUBA guarantees the security of the account within the security measures expected and appropriate to platforms such as the website and its online store.

1.9. in no event shall JUJUBA be liable for damages arising from interference, interruptions, computer viruses, malfunctions or disconnections of the operating system that may temporarily prevent access, navigation or the provision of services to Users.

2. Client Registration on the website

2.1. The User must register on the website, by creating a User account. For this purpose, he should fill out a form in which you must indicate a username and email address and a password.

2.2 To make purchases in the online store the User will be required to provide the following data:

a) Full name;

b) Telephone contacts and email address;

c) Address for delivery of products and, if applicable, for billing purposes;

d) TIN number to be included on the invoice.

2.3 The User is responsible for the truthfulness, completeness and lawfulness of the data provided, both at the time of registration and for the purposes of making purchases in the online store, as well as for updating them. Accordingly, the User shall be solely and exclusively responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and, consequently, to reimburse JUJUBA for all damages that it suffers as a result of non-compliance with this provision.

2.4 JUJUBA has no access to or knowledge of the password set by the User for the purpose of accessing the website, it is up to the User to ensure the confidentiality of the password and ensure its safekeeping and proper use, as well as, comply with good practices relating to the security of your account (in particular, changing the password regularly and avoiding connections through networks open to the public). As such, JUJUBA cannot be held responsible for damages arising from the loss or misuse of the password set by the User.

3. Products

3.1. JUJUBA has made every effort to ensure that the information presented on the website and in its online store is free of typographical errors and, where these occur, JUJUBA will correct them as soon as possible. Similarly, JUJUBA will make its best efforts to keep updated the information about the products, contained on the website and in its online store.

3.2 The User hereby expressly accepts and conforms to the following:

a) The photographs presented on the website are merely illustrative, and the User must proceed to a careful and complete reading of the information on the essential characteristics of the products that are described on the website, as well as the respective ingredients, warnings and instructions for use, and in case of doubt, contact JUJUBA in order to obtain any additional information, by filling out the form provided for making requests for information or by contacting us by email;

b) Detailed information about the products and their characteristics/specifications can be consulted with JUJUBA;

c) All products on sale on the website are subject to existing stock, without prejudice to JUJUBA striving to present updated information on the availability of products included in the shopping cart;

d) JUJUBA will not take responsibility for any discontinued products;

e) The prices and products available on the website are only valid for commercial transactions made through the online store.

3.3 The price of each of the products marketed by JUJUBA is duly indicated on the website, in Euros, including VAT at the legal rate in force, if and when applicable.

3.4. The costs of transporting the products, the products with exemption from transport costs, if applicable, and the geographic restrictions existing in the shipping of products will be presented to the User either at the time of selecting the method of delivery of products, or in the moment immediately prior to the Confirmation of Order by the User.

3.5. The price of the products is subject to change by JUJUBA, without notice, until the time of Confirmation of Order by the User, without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

3.6. The articles on sale are subject to existing stock, and JUJUBA is not obliged to sell any product that is not available in stock.

3.7. The completion of the purchase by the User and payment of the respective price constitutes acceptance of the negotiating proposal presented by JUJUBA in the online store and is irrevocable and implies the conclusion of a contract of sale between JUJUBA and the User.

4. Delivery of Products

4.1 Once the contract of purchase and sale is formalized, and on the condition that the products purchased are available, all under the terms provided in the previous clauses, JUJUBA will send an email to the User with information on the delivery of products and respective deadlines.

4.2. JUJUBA will not be responsible for any delay in the delivery of products purchased through the online store, in the following cases:

a) Delays by the carrier or postal service;

b) Difficulties in delivery to the recipient;

c) delays by the suppliers of JUJUBA.

4.3. The User must ensure the correct indication of the delivery address of the products and the presence of someone at the address on the date indicated by JUJUBA, the postal service or the carrier.

4.4 JUJUBA declines any responsibility for any delay or impossibility of delivery of the order, arising from acts for which it is not responsible.

5. Returns

5.1 Taking into account the nature of the products sold by JUJUBA through its online store, the products cannot be returned, and there is no place for free resolution of the contract by the User, under the provisions of paragraphs d) and e), as applicable, of Article 17 of Decree-Law No. 24/2014 of 14 February.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

6.1 The contents which are made available by JUJUBA through the site, namely, but not limited to, texts, images, logos, registered trademarks, copyright and related rights, are protected by the intellectual property legislation in force, such rights being the property of JUJUBA, or having a license to use them, which the User acknowledges and accepts.

6.2 The User will not copy, translate, disassemble or decompile, nor create or attempt to create, by reverse engineering or otherwise, the source and object code of the site, as well as of third party tools and applications and the software associated with the operation of the same, nor remove any confidentiality or intellectual property notices.

7. User support and complaints

The User may address comments, suggestions or complaints to JUJUBA through the email address contact@jujuba.com.

8. Disputes

JUJUBA is not bound by membership or legal imposition resulting from necessary arbitration, to any entity of alternative resolution of consumer disputes.

9. Non compliance of these terms and conditions

Violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions by the User constitutes grounds for termination by JUJUBA. In any case, violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions by the User, and regardless of whether or not it is terminated, always gives the User the right to be compensated for all damages resulting therefrom. Furthermore, JUJUBA reserves the right, at its own discretion, to terminate the use of the website and its features and services by the user in question, with or without notice to the user.


General Terms and Conditions of Sale updated on 30-06-2020